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Basement Conversions

Bespoke Basement Conversions

People have started to build down to make the most of the space they own. We can plan and manage your conversion and we can also add a basement conversion to your property even if you don't have an existing basement. A basement conversion will give you more space as well as increasing the value of your property.

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Retrofit Basement Conversion

This type of conversion is an under house retro fit. With this type of conversion, we add a basement to a building that doesn't currently have one. There are two different types of retrofit basement; Full Footprint and Half Footprint. A full footprint basement conversion is the size of the entire base of the property. With a half footprint conversion we only excavate half of the footprint of the property.

Bespoke Sub Basement Conversions

This is when you add an extra basement to a property that already has a basement, creating a two storey basement. This increases the amount of space in your property by building downwards.

Under Garden Basement

You can create more space by building a basement under your garden. The advantages to this are that you can create the initial full footprint basement and increase the reach of this by utilising the underground space in your garden.

Luxury Basement Design

If you are looking for something truly special then we can help you to realise your dream. There are so many options for underground luxury rooms from subterranean swimming pools, to bowling alleys, to home cinema's. The possibilities are endless.

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